GFP 500 D1 Perforating Machine Punching Machine Ormac Gilardi

GFP 500 D1 Perforating machine Punching machine

The GFP D1 perforating machine is designed to perform punching and carving in leather, similar leather, synthetic materials, etc.

With the machine, you can make holes not only round, but also of various shapes, such as squares, rectangles, diamonds, stars, etc.

Die replacement and adjustment is simple and quick, and the waste is sucked into a bag or bin

The work is continuous on the transport paper

Working area: 500mm

The set includes 7 matrices (patterns)

Year of production 2013

Complete documentation of the machine is attached to the machine

The machine has a CE declaration

The machine is in perfect technical condition

Video from the work of this model:


Data sheet