New products

ATOM S6110 / 2 HT hydraulic cutting machine

The device is designed for exercising various materials.

Principle of operation:

The machine is equipped with two traveling tables with two machine sides.

It can be used as a single-axis or double-row machine.

After pressing the cycle one of the tables enters under the cutting heads and adjust the exercise cycle and at the same time the other side prepares

up to width. (the work is carried out alternately to obtain the speed and smoothness of work).

Technical data:

Strong mask; 100 tons

Working pole: 1600 mm x 1050 mm

8kW engine

Hydraulic oil capacity: 200 liters

Production year: 1998

Pfaff 8303i

Specialist pole welding machine for hot air.


For sealing seams - clothing,

sympatex footwear,

puratex footwear,

"Breathable materials".

Sealing up to 3 layers of material.

Device features:

Heating capacity 3000 W.

Welding temperature up to 650 C.

Welding speed: up to 10 m / min.

Band width up to 26 mm.

Compressed air demand - 150 liters / min.

25 mm smooth steel transport roller.

25mm silicone transport roller.

The machine is in perfect condition like new! Production year 2016!

Bridge cutting machine Atom S 525/6 hydraulic press

Pressure of 25 Ton

Simple, intuitive operation with the function of automatic departure after cutting

Equipped with safety barriers

Table dimensions: 210cm x 75cm

Hammer dimensions: 75cm x 75cm

The machine is in perfect condition

Central heat or cold

Possibility of mounting heated pillows

Heating stations with upper tension

The machine is equipped with ironing presses

The ability to choose any tooling (women's, men's, children's)

The machine is in perfect condition after renovation