New products

Nadir / Ares VF 55 hydraulic cutting machine

Pressing force 20 Tons

Table dimensions: 900mm x 450mm

Hammer dimensions: 380mm

Max stroke 80mm

Very fast and powerful

Two-hand control for work safety

Simple intuitive operation

The machine is in perfect technical condition after service

We have several pieces of this model

Durkopp Adler 550 - 12 - 24

Sewing machine for gathering furniture fabrics with the possibility of sewing in a reinforcing ribbon.

1-needle machine with a double-thread chain stitch, with differential bottom (tooth) feed, alternatively with differential upper presser foot. The machine has an electro-pneumatic foot lift, electronic programming of smooth seams or shirring.

Presser foot lift up to 7mm

Lifting the walking foot up to 15mm

Working field: 320mm

It has an automatic knife access

Digital display of the thickness of the divided material

Two feed speeds

Possibility of automatic retraction of the material

Error code display

Equipped with waste bin and dust fan

An example video of the operation of such a machine:

The machine is in PERFECT technical condition

Matic M33F/4RP

Hot/cold shoe heel forming machine


- rubber cushions in the refrigeration station

- pneumatic closing with drive

- silicone pads on pre-activation stations

- upper traction pliers with quick tension adjustment and variable direction

- easy adjustment of height and ironing distance

- Optical projectors with stepped notches and centerline on cold stations

The perfect machine for any type of footwear

The machine is in very good technical condition

Iron Fox AS1800 CE

Bottom gluing press funk

Patented one-station universal machine for assembling all kinds of technical, sports, military and

everyday shoes.

- shoe input sensor

- security barriers

- double air blow

- automatic / manual operation

- adjustable height and length of the shoe

Year of manufacture: 2016

The machine is in perfect technical condition, like new!