Heating machines

Active filters

Device for softening the upper / water applicator

Equipped with a photocell, the device only applies water when it sees the upper / hoof

The machine is very helpful before steaming the tip when we need a lot of water to soften the upper as much as possible

The machine is in very good condition

Shoe stabilization tunnel warm Elettrotecnica

Compact MINI heating tunnel (minimum space / maximum efficiency)


Total length with chute: 225 cm

Total length without chute: 195 cm

Height: 156cm

Heating chamber length: 66cm

The height of the inlet to the heating chamber is 46 cm

Machine in very good technical condition, removed from production

380V power supply

BDF - original Italian product

Toe activator - a machine for activating the front part of the upper before studding

The machine is in very good technical condition after full service (new Teflon, new felt, cleaned water system)