DURKOPP ADLER 867 - 190322 - M GOLD EFKA automatic sewing machine

DURKOPP ADLER 867 - 190322 - M GOLD

- Triple foot and tooth transport

- Large hook (26mm bobbin)

- Cutting the thread

- Programmable initial and final locking

- Speed reduction system with increased stepping height

- Maximum thread thickness 10/3Nm

- Maximum stitch length up to 12mm (Two separate adjustments that can be switched at any time)

- Foot lifting height up to 20mm

- Adjustable feet stroke up to 9mm

- Needle bar arm length 335mm

- Maximum number of stitches per minute 3800

- 230V motor - Efka Variocontrol 820 control

- Compressed air is needed to operate the machine

Video of the work of such a model: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfwZwB9yQrA&t=3s

The machine is in perfect technical condition - ready to work


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